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The Mission of Bio-Industrial Services

The Bio-Industrial Services division focuses on the production (growing), characterizing, and processing of bio-materials and the equipment, instruments, and techniques associated with the production, processing, and testing of these materials. Bio-material production includes agricultural crops, fermentation products, natural fibres, and metabolites from plants and microbes.

The division possesses a depth of capabilities and capacity beyond production and processing including methodologies and equipment used for the production, quantification, characterization, and transformation of the biomaterials all the way from initial development to final products and residual products that remain after processing. Our services are active from benchtop to large pilot operations and also include advisory services pertaining to industrial scale-up.

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Bio-Industrial Services We Provide

Bio-material production includes agricultural crops, fermentation products, natural fibers, and metabolites from plants and microbes. To generate these value-added materials, processes include thermal, mechanical, chemical, and biological treatments.

Common examples include pulping, thermal hydrolysis, carbonization, agglomeration, and engineered composite production as well as biological processing which includes anaerobic and aerobic treatments including bacteria and fungi. Characterization work ranges from microbiological risk mitigation testing for products and facilities to physical/chemical testing of materials and identifying microbial populations through environmental genomics.

Bio-Industrial Product & Process Development
Bio-Composite Material Production Processing Research Analysis
Fermentation Processes & Organisms
Plant Sciences
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Our Bio Industrial Experts

Our experts have skills and experience in life sciences, chemistry, and engineering that our clients find incredibly useful for research and development of operational efficiency and enhanced industrial and consumer commodities.

Earl Jenson | Director, Bio-Industrial Services
Jan Slaski | Expert Researcher, Bio-Industrial Services
Siguo Chen | Principal Researcher, Bio-Industrial Services
Frank Tosto | Manager, Bio-Industrial Pilot Facilities and Operations
Janet Marowitch | Manager, Fermentation
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