Partnering with Alberta’s oil and gas industry in energy research and monitoring

InnoTech aims and works toward becoming the leading consultants for the energy industry when they seek innovative solutions. The Energy services division primarily serves the upstream (production), midstream (production fluids gathering/ distribution/processing), and downstream (upgrading and refinery) production segments of the oil and gas industry.  

InnoTech helps the upstream sector develop new recovery technologies and improves the efficiency of deployed commercial recovery processes. We serve midstream operations through in-situ production fluids treatment, material reliability, and asset integrity optimization for oil sands operations. Downstream production of bitumen and heavy oil is supported through partial upgrading and new material development from asphaltenes. 

The division specializes in tackling one-off, customized projects to solve problems that are sophisticated and complex; and typically, can’t be handled by commercial services or university labs. Our research capabilities include experimentation and modelling on in-situ recovery processes, bitumen extraction and processing, flow assurance and material evaluation, and advanced metal manufacturing. We’re proud of the excellent working relationships with our clients. 

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