Producing fibre materials, products, and systems to help clients create new products and de-risk facilities.

InnoTech works with industry partners to fine-tune the decortication process in the only pilot-scale fibre processing and decortication plant in the world built on this scale. We provide the bio-material fibre clients need to create industrial and consumer products such as paper, textiles, animal bedding, and non-woven mats.

Other interesting applications for decorticated materials include:

  • Engineered composite products
  • Hempcrete for use in the construction industry
  • Growth mats for greens
  • Growth medium for mushroom farming 

InnoTech Alberta’s decortication plant is a one-of-a-kind facility. It opened in 2011, measures 13,000 sq. ft., and can process industrial hemp or flax straw into bast fibre and hurd at a rapid rate of 1 tonne per hour. The un-retted straw can be cleaned to greater than 90% purity. We can adjust hurd size, fibre cleanliness, and fibre length to meet client specifications. The equipment available at the plant includes: 

  • 2 hopper feeders 
  • Bale unroller 
  • Guillotine 
  • 2 decorticators (hammer mill and disc mill) 
  • 2 duvexes (one for cleaning fiber and one for cleaning hurd) 
  • Fine opener 
  • Step cleaner 
  • Pellet mill (please also see our Thermo-Chemical Treatment Facility
  • Chopping line (utilizing a forage type chopper) 
  • System can utilize big round or big square bales of hemp or flax straw 
  • Clean bast fibre leaves the plant in 2’ X 2’ X 4’ compressed bales 
  • Dust is collected in a 53’ moving floor trailer 
  • Hurd leaves the plant in super sacks 
A wide picture of the inside of an InnoTech decortication facility

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Decortication Fibre Processing Plant

Hwy 16A & 75 Street
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