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Dr. Siguo Chen

Principal Researcher, Bio-Industrial Services

Professional Bio

Ph.D. in Biology with Environmental Physics Emphasis | University of Antwerp, Belgium 

B.Sc in Agriculture and Forest Meteorology, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (formerly Nanjing Institute of Meteorology), China 

Siguo Chen has been a research scientist for almost 40 years in China and Canada. From his days as an NSERC Industrial Fellow to coming on board with the Alberta Research Council in 1998, and staying with us to be a Principal Researcher for InnoTech Alberta, Siguo is passionate about the work he does because it makes him realize he can make a difference for our client’s bottom line. He enjoys being recognized by our clients for his work. 

Currently, Siguo works on strand-based composite research and development and non-destructive testing methods (for example x-ray scanning, image analysis, and infrared thermography). He also takes the lead on project development efforts and works so well with his colleagues and some of them have even become friends outside of work. His recent projects include an oriented strand board (OSB) trial, an investigation of Vision System AI for Strand Alignment Assistance at OSB Mills, and x-ray analysis of horizontal density distribution of oriented strand board study.  

You will find Siguo listening to music, reading, or playing sports when he isn’t in his office at InnoTech Alberta.