Turning complex biochemistry knowledge and skills into consistent biomaterial products and processes.

There are four distinct services areas where InnoTech Alberta has the knowledge, skills, and facilities needed to assist with product and process development including Biogas Innovation, Thermo-Chemical Processing, Designer Carbon, and Fermentation.  

We can conduct evaluations of industrial projects from a technical design and operations perspective, as well as from an economic standpoint. The aim of many projects we take on is to add value to materials, processes, and end products. 

Biogas Innovation

Our pilot-scale biogas services and facilities are generally unmatched in North America. InnoTech Alberta can offer testing and process simulation for various anaerobic digestion-related research, experiments, and materials.  

The group also has expertise in evaluating industrial projects from a technical design and operational perspective. Our service has a strong focus on greenhouse gas (GHG) and cleans fuel standard valuations and we are very familiar with syngas / renewable natural gas utilization processes and technologies. 


Thermo-Chemical Processing 

Thermo-chemical processing focuses on the use of thermal energy, mechanical energy, and chemical interactions to transform and combine materials. Very often materials that are residual in nature are transformed into higher-value products.  

InnoTech’s thermo-chemical services specialize in developing and deploying various pelletization, agglomeration, carbonization, pyrolysis, torrefaction, and hydrolyzation processes on a large scale. Our work in this regard is generally unmatched by other research organizations.  

A man and woman working on a rotary drum batch carbonizer

Designer Carbon Development

InnoTech Alberta’s designer carbon service is focused exclusively on the development of high-value bio-based carbons generated from biomaterials and biomass feedstocks from Alberta-sourced agricultural, forestry, and municipal waste residue. 

The multi-disciplinary team is capable of operating batch and continuous pyrolysis equipment, conducting biochar product safety testing, and verifying biocarbon production methods.  A specialty area includes the development of biobased activated carbons suitable for use in supercapacitors and some battery electrodes. 

A few pieces of biochar