The Mission of Environmental Services

The Environmental Services Division of InnoTech Alberta develops and validates processes and technologies that enable more efficient, effective, and economical environmental monitoring and management. We achieve this through identification, evaluation, monitoring and validation of solutions to address industry needs in environmental impacts and risk evaluation, integrated monitoring, asset retirement and environmental management. Our Team supports industrial decarbonization toward net-zero emissions through development, validation and demonstration of CCU and methane reduction technologies.

The Division strives to be the preferred partner for organizations addressing complex environmental, natural resource management, and greenhouse gas (GHG) challenges. Our collaborative work with the Government of Alberta and industry has contributed to the province’s reputation as a world leader in environmental monitoring, integrated data analysis, risk analysis, and carbon capture and storage technology.

Environmental Services We Provide

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Our Environmental Experts

Our experts have advanced education and extensive experience in environmental monitoring, management, impact and risk assessment, and GHG reduction. Their deep knowledge of processes, technologies, and regulatory systems help our clients evolve the environmental sector, inform policy and legislation, and meet their environmental management requirements.

Bonnie Drozdowski | Director, Environmental Services
Brian Eaton | Manager, Environmental Impacts
Colin Twitchell | Manager, Biodiversity Monitoring
Aref Najafi | Manager, Carbon Capture, Utilization & Decarbonization

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Our Environmental Facilities

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Our Environmental Featured Projects

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