AACI Research Program

An in-situ heavy oil research and development consortium that partners industry with government to advance field-focused technologies.

Aboriginal Environmental Services Network (AESN)

InnoTech Alberta has developed a unique approach to skill development, communication, resource sharing and promotion of Indigenous participation in the environmental industry.

Alberta Manufacturing and Fabrication Innovation Program (AMFI)

Aims to help Alberta manufacturers and fabricators be globally competitive by accelerating the adoption of new and advanced technologies to increase productivity and quality.

Biodiversity Monitoring

Tracks changes in Alberta’s wildlife and their habitats and provides ongoing, relevant, scientifically credible information on Alberta’s living resources.

Chemical Analysis and Testing

Performs analysis of environmental, industrial and petroleum samples to determine chemical and physical composition.

Crop Research

Supports the Alberta agriculture industry by helping the sector develop crop varieties that resist biotic stresses like plant disease and abiotic stresses like drought and cold.

Ecosystems Management

Enables change in Alberta’s environmental sector by developing and applying innovations which support cost-effective management at local to provincial scales.

Engineered Wood Composite Materials Development and Testing

Helps bring new Alberta fibre products to emerging markets.

Heavy Oil and Oil Sands Development

Solves challenges associated with the application of heavy oil and bitumen recovery field processes.

Industrial Sensor Technologies

Engages in research, development and deployment of new measurement systems for resource industries.

In-Situ Oil Sand Water Research Testing Program

InnoTech Alberta and participating industry members are working together to gather innovative ideas through research to reduce water usage in in-situ oil sands operations.

InsituSIM Modelling Support

InnoTech Alberta is partnering with Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) and Process Ecology to offer additional support for innovators looking to test their technologies on InsituSIM.

Manufacturing and Fabrication

Supports additive manufacturing with technology identification, demonstration and assessment.

Materials and Reliability in Oil Sands (MARIOS)

An industry-directed consortium that tackles oil sands maintenance and reliability issues.

Materials and Systems Integrity

The Welding, Corrosion and Fluid Systems Engineering teams at Devon provide expert-level consultation on productivity and quality enhancement for the energy, manufacturing, fabrication, and construction industries.

New Value-Added Products

Processing Technologies aims to help industry develop higher-value materials. The Bio-Thermo-Chemical Processing team adds value to materials and organic residuals.

Oil and Gas Production Technologies

Provides services related to heavy oil and bitumen production challenges — from the well bore, through the well head and production pad, to the gathering lines that lead to processing facilities.

Ore and MFT Sample Banks

Do you have a new mineable oil sands process or technology you would like to test? InnoTech Alberta offers an oil sands sample bank where you can purchase oil sands samples from the Athabasca area.

Pipeline Integrity and Corrosion Management (PICoM)

An industry-led working group which facilitates collaborative R&D projects to improve detection, measurement and mitigation methods for corrosion in pipeline systems.

Primary Separation and Processing

Improves oil sands surface processes including mining, tailings treatment, in-situ produced fluids treatment and upgrading through process development and evaluation.

Process Optimization

Using the expertise and equipment required for the optimization, industrialization, and scale-up of processes, we help increase the value of biofibre resources by extracting and testing higher-value materials.

Protective Coatings Development and Testing

Develops and deploys surface treatments to improve wear performance resulting in reduced maintenance costs.


Provides leadership on the development of applied, innovative, practical and holistic land reclamation and remediation procedures and technologies for landscapes disturbed by industrial activities.

Tight Oil and Gas Development

Develops in-situ recovery processes for conventional heavy oil, tight oil and shale gas.

Water Management

Provides better tools for investigation and sustainable management of regional water resources for industrial, agricultural, and municipal development in Alberta.

Welding Engineering

We provide expert-level consultation on productivity and quality enhancement for the energy, manufacturing, fabrication, and construction industries.