Welding Engineering

We provide expert-level consultation on productivity and quality enhancement for the energy, manufacturing, fabrication, and construction industries.  Typical services include: process, consumable and/or equipment evaluations, comparisons, demonstrations and recommendations for welding, cutting, fit-up and material handling; welding procedure development and/or optimization; and facilitating vendor/end-user relationships in a commercially-unbiased and technically-focused manner. Our depth of knowledge and breadth of experience can help increase your company performance.

Services Offered Include:


  • Recommend candidate welding processes and equipment for application-specific evaluation, with an aim to improve your  quality and productivity


  • Mechanical testing including tensile, bend, Charpy Impact, hardness mapping
  • Metallography and image analysis
  • Ultrasonic testing (UT), phased array (PAUT), and Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)


“The level of expertise and background knowledge the Welding Engineering Program provided was truly invaluable, enabling us as a company to do complete, in-depth, unbiased comparisons of the different orbital machines. The pros and cons of each machine were evenly weighted and we were able to select the best machine for our use.”

Sean Carnegie – ClearWater Fabrication



  • Arc welding systems, many with waveform-controlled welding capability for GMAW, SAW, EGW, GTAW and SMAW process variants
  • Mechanized welding systems for pipe and plate
  • Modern welding health and safety equipment (Snorkels, PAPR, downdraft table)
  • Automatic degaussing (demag) system for pipe and plate
  • Plasma cutting systems
  • Versatile and configurable 3D fixturing table and tool set
  • Material handling and workpiece manipulation equipment (up to 122cm/48” diameter)
  • Induction and flame heating equipment and heat treatment furnaces
  • Six-axis robotic GMAW cell
  • Virtual reality arc welding training systems


  • TWI is the world’s largest provider of welding technology and inspection related training with centres strategically located around the globe…one of those centres is InnoTech Alberta
  • TWI Training courses and certifications available at our facilities. Check the course schedule