Prolonging the service life of industrial assets through improved non-destructive inspection methods and monitoring.

InnoTech Alberta is well-versed in the most up-to-date non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques, such as laser (optical) scanning and ultrasonic testing (UT) and inspection. These methods allow us to conduct non-invasive and cost-effective inspection and monitoring solutions and procedures for industrial assets.

Comprehensive NDT testing can significantly reduce the probability of asset failure and increase service life. InnoTech Alberta works with industrial clients to develop improved inspection and monitoring solutions to support our clients’ preventative maintenance programs.

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Laser (Optical) Scanning Solution
Laser (Optical) Scanning Solution

Custom Inspection Solutions
Custom Inspection Solutions

Laser (Optical) Scanning Solution

InnoTech Alberta uses a range of commercial and custom laser optical scanning tools for measurement of wear, corrosion, and dimensional changes in process equipment (for example: pumps and piping components) and structures. We use the following laser scanning tools in our testing and research projects:

  • 3D handheld scanner for measurement of complex surfaces
  • 2D track-mounted scanner for pipe internal surface mapping and wear measurement
  • 1D point measurement caliper for validation / verification of other pipe wall thickness measurement methods

Custom Inspection Solutions

InnoTech Alberta staff works with vendors, service providers, and end users to develop and de-risk custom inspection solutions and inspection procedures for challenging asset monitoring applications where existing commercial solutions either do not exist or are unsuitable. Examples of our specific expertise include:

  • Accurate thickness mapping of wear resistant overlays
  • Non-invasive monitoring of elastomeric pipe liners (polyurethane, rubber, neoprene)
  • Developing wear measurement test plans for slurry piping applications

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