Research and technology for improving welding methods and materials.

InnoTech Alberta provides expert-level consultation on productivity and quality enhancement for the energy, manufacturing, fabrication, and construction industries. Typical services include: process, consumable and/or equipment evaluations, comparisons, demonstrations and recommendations for welding, cutting, fit-up and material handling; welding procedure development and/or optimization; and facilitating vendor/end-user relationships in a commercially-unbiased and technically-focused manner. Our depth of knowledge and breadth of experience can help increase your company performance.

Our industrial scale equipment includes:

  • Arc welding systems, many with waveform-controlled welding capability for GMAW, SAW, EGW, GTAW and
  • SMAW process variants
  • PTAW hardfacing
  • Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) facility
  • Mechanized welding systems for pipe and plate
  • Modern welding health and safety equipment (Snorkels, PAPR, downdraft table)
  • Automatic degaussing (demag) system for pipe and plate
  • Plasma cutting systems
  • Versatile and configurable 3D fixturing table and tool set
  • Material handling and workpiece manipulation equipment (up to 122cm/48” diameter)
  • Induction and flame heating equipment and heat treatment furnaces
  • Six-axis robotic GMAW cell
  • Virtual reality arc welding training systems

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