Evaluating material quality and performance through scientific methods and equipment.

InnoTech Alberta operates a metallography lab, microscopy room, and hardness testers to analyze and test material samples. We have experience with composites, metals and alloys, plastics, polymers, and wood products.

Our researchers and technicians alert our clients to the strengths and weaknesses with the materials we are given to test and we can provide consultant services to guide them on how to improve them in the future.

Metallography Lab

InnoTech Alberta has an entire lab with equipment dedicated to metallography. We have high precision saws with diamond blades to section hard materials and cut samples down to take a look at microstructure; mounting presses. The lab is also able to perform chemical and elector-chemical etching.

We can also perform automated, cold mount, and hand polishing services for items that will not fit into our automated processes. The lab specialized in polishing hard media such as tungsten carbide, diamond overlays, and chrome that very few labs will work with as it takes highly-skilled staff to conduct these services.

an employee working with a polishing machine

Microscopy Room & Image Analysis Lab

We have 4 types of microscopes in our lab. A Keyence 3S microscope with up to 5000x magnification that provides a high resolution to look at the microstructure for a sample. It can take 3D and 2D measurements and a high depth of field for an in-depth analysis.

The microscopy room has a digital microscope with a large depth of field and multiple lenses that can capture high resolution macrographs at up to 20x magnification. To produce macrographs on large samples and samples that can’t be mounted, we have handheld microscopes for more flexibility. Our staff also have access to stereoscopes used to check the microstructure of samples during polishing stages.

The true showcase of our microscopy capabilities is our scanning electron microscope. It has extremely high resolution so our staff can study nano particles and analyze fractures on the surface of a sample.

Man looking at an equipment schematic on a computer screen

Hardness Testers

We have the capability and equipment to conduct several hardness tests:

  • Rockwell hardness testing: Testing the indentations left by a force or load on metals
  • Knoop hardness testing: A microhardness test usually performed on coatings and overlays
  • Vickers hardness testing: A microhardness test using lighter loads with a diamond indenter
Grinding and shaping Carbon fiber composite material

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