Alberta Manufacturing and Fabrication Innovation [AMFI] Program

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February 2019
High productivity weld fit-up and alignment solutions

February 2019
New anti-wear options for the resource industry
January 2019

Industrial coating automation workshop turns out to be a blast!

The Alberta Manufacturing and Fabrication Innovation (AMFI) Program aims to accelerate adoption of advanced manufacturing and fabrication solutions.  The program’s focus is on high productivity manufacturing technologies and processes that lead to reduced overall production costs in conjunction with increasing quality.  The program supports the manufacturing sector by raising awareness of advanced manufacturing and fabrication methods, by de-risking technologies and processes, and by providing resources and expertise to support the technology adoption process.

The AMFI Program is offered through InnoTech Alberta and is funded by the Alberta Ministry of Economic Development and Trade Industry Growth Solutions and the National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP).

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One-on-One Support (Technology Assessments)

AMFI one-on-one support provides assistance to manufacturers who’ve identified adoption of advanced manufacturing solutions as part of their innovation goals.  Support is tailored to best address the manufacturers specific needs within the one-on-one support framework.

Support may include:

  • identification of opportunities to introduce advanced manufacturing solutions
  • identification of commercially available solutions
  • assistance in evaluation and implementation
  • optimization of existing manufacturing processes

Advanced manufacturing solutions may include:

  • mechanization and automation technologies
  • manufacturing processes and techniques
  • novel and advanced consumables

One-on-one support is offered to eligible small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) at no cost.

Industry Wide Support (Technology Demonstrations)

The AMFI Program hosts industry events throughout the year focusing on specific manufacturing technology areas.  The events provide an introduction to advanced manufacturing solutions and are designed to reach a broad audience within the manufacturing sector.  Events typically include:

  • technical presentations
  • live equipment demonstrations with opportunities for hands-on experience
  • expert panel discussion

Previous events have included welding mechanization and automation, advanced cutting and weld end-preparation methods, and advanced thermal spray and liquid polymer coating consumables and application methods.

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