InnoTech has the expertise to consult and the facilitates to conduct material evaluation and validation, conduct asset integrity testing analysis, and to develop technologies to mitigate wear and stress, corrosion, and fouling of materials.

Our Advanced Materials & Asset Integrity experts consult with our key clients–oil sand producers, midstream oil and gas operators, and energy service companies. We are the main research provider to the MARIOS consortium and involve ourselves in joint industry programs (JIPs) to investigate common problems across an industry.

We apply our research, demonstrate technology solutions, and train and educate clients so they can mitigate asset damage through the development and adoption of advanced manufacturing processes and materials technologies.

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Materials and Reliability in Oil Sands Program
Materials and Reliability in Oil Sands Program

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Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)
Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

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Materials Testing Service
Materials Testing Service

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Technology Development & Evaluation
Technology Development & Evaluation

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Field Support
Field Support

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Materials and Reliability in Oil Sands Program

Materials and Reliability in Oil Sands (MARIOS) is a program which tackles industry-wide maintenance and reliability issues. The goal of MARIOS is to develop knowledge and validate technologies to significantly reduce downtime, and improve operational reliability and productivity in the oil sands industry.The consortium links oil sands producers, materials and equipment suppliers, fabricators, and technology providers to collaboratively solve industry-wide problems.

For more information, contact Gary Fisher.

Program Focus

Mining Equipment

Improving the durability and longevity of mining equipment and vehicles

Processing Equipment

Improving equipment design and materials selection to help combat wear-related issues


Methods to help decrease and monitor corrosion-related issues on mine sites

Monitoring and modeling

Adoption of new monitoring and sensor technologies to help inspect and control processes and equipment

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MARIOS Members


  • Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.
  • Imperial Oil Resources Limited, Suncor Energy Inc., Syncrude Canada Ltd. 


  • InnoTech Alberta Inc.


  • Ampclad
  • Arctec Alloys
  • Beaver Group of Companies
  • Black Cat Blades Ltd.
  • Bradken Canada Ltd.
  • C.G. Industrial Specialties Ltd.
  • Corrosion & Abrasion (CASL)
  • ESAB
  • ESCO Canada
  • Fuller Industrial
  • Indurate Alloys

Suppliers (continued)

  • Manluk Mining Inc.
  • Oerlikon Metco (Canada) Inc.
  • Pacific Particulate Materials
  • Penticton Foundry Ltd.
  • PIP360 Inc.
  • Polycorp
  • Postle Industries
  • Primoris Willbros Canada
  • Raptor Mining
  • Rosen IPS Canada Ltd.
  • SPRS
  • SSAB
  • Silver Fox Completion Services
  • Surface Engineering
  • Trimay Wear Plate
  • Welding Alloys Inc.
  • Westpower Equipment
  • Whitfield Welding 


Oerlikon Metro finds tremendous value in being part of the MARIOS consortium, which plays an important role in bringing together and aligning oil sands producers and service providers, ensuring members are focused on the most relevant issues facing the industry today. The program provides a neutral form for members to share information and ideas while creating a great environment to connect with key personnel within the field.

— Tom Petruch, Oerlikon Metro

Materials Testing Service

InnoTech provide a materials testing, qualification, and validation services. We have laboratory facilities for materials development, corrosion mitigation, fluid transportation, wear protection, and welding.

We consult with clients across oil sand producers, midstream oil and gas operators, and energy service companies to evaluate, apply research, and implement technology solutions that will hold up to the unique, harsh conditions in their industries.

Our core capabilities in this area include:

  • Consulting for selection and qualification of materials
  • Development of test methods and procedures for niche applications
  • Abrasion testing
  • Chemical analysis
  • Compression testing
  • Corrosion testing
  • Density testing
  • Erosion testing
  • Hardness and microhardness testing
  • Image analysis
  • Impact testing
  • Mechanical testing
  • Metallographic analysis
  • Polymer, composite, and elastomers testing
  • Shear testing
  • Wear testing
Female InnoTech employee wearing gas mask


Syncrude spends in the order of $1 billion each year on maintenance, not including the production time that is lost when equipment is out of service. Innovation in materials and reliability can pay double benefits as it can reduce maintenance costs and increase production by keeping equipment working more reliably.

— Stefano Chiovelli, Syncrude

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

InnoTech Alberta has a Sodick VL600Q, a wire-cut electrical discharge machine, which can hold up to 850 kgs of workpiece, for metal and composite materials. An electrical discharge machine works by running a current through a wire which cuts through the workpiece. In essence electricity erodes a conductive material.

EDM is an extremely precise and reliable method. It can handle complex shapes and configurations that traditional machining with cutting tools, milling, and drilling may not be able to produce.

Technology Development & Evaluation

The team at InnoTech Alberta has services to help clients select materials, evaluate their efficacy, develop customized materials such as metals, polymers, composites, ceramics, coatings or protective surface treatments.

These products are created to resist wear and corrosion in oil sands, mining, and pipeline materials, fittings, valves, and instrumentation.

Our core capabilities in this area include:

  • Weld overlays
  • Thermal spray coatings
  • Plating
  • Surface modification treatments
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Field Support

We can conduct non-destructive evaluation—using ultrasonic testing (UT), phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT), laser, and radiography techniques—to monitor the conditions of pipelines. The data we acquire is then analyzed, interpreted by a skilled technician, and subjected to computer modelling.

Our team can also provide project management and logistics support to optimize the selection of materials, conduct wear analysis in real conditions, provide technology demonstrations, and develop testing methodologies and guidelines for an organization.