Tight Oil and Gas Development


The Tight Oil and Gas Development team at InnoTech Alberta is focused on solving challenges associated with the application of tight oil recovery processes. We have knowledge and expertise in a wide variety of recovery processes including tight oil, and shale gas.

Tight Oil

Multi-staged fractured horizontal wells allow the unlocking of hydrocarbon reserves from tight oil and gas reservoirs. A combination of petrophysical and geomechanical properties will determine the rock’s production potential. Characterizing these parameters is vital to informing the best primary, secondary and even tertiary oil recovery schemes. InnoTech Alberta is focused on identifying problems in production that are currently being faced by producers, providing technical support to improve the efficiency of existing technology, and developing innovative ideas for technological advancement.

Indigenous Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (iMEOR)

iMEOR is a tertiary production process in which in situ micro-organisms are used to reduce residual oil saturation and increase total oil recovered. InnoTech Alberta commits to develop the scientific based formulations strategically feeding these microbes inexpensive nutrient packages accelerates biological activity, and targeting specific microbes allows for specific recovery mechanisms to be employed for iMEOR field application.

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Well Remediation

Currently several major research efforts are focused on efficient leak detection methods to identify the major methane emitting or leaking wells.  This project is focused on developing, testing and field trialing advanced techniques to remediate leaky wells, after they have been identified. Leaky wells in thermal or steam operations are of particular interest since the remediation techniques need to be specifically designed for high temperatures.