Sample banks and testing programs aimed at research and development in the petroleum industry.

InnoTech Alberta operates a mature fine tailings sample bank, and an in situ oil sands water research testing program to aid the petroleum industry in their operations.

Our facilities and programs in this area promote research and development in the areas of oil sands extraction and processing, tailing managements, and thermal in situ recovery processes

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Mature Fine Tailings Sample Bank

Mature Fine Tailings Sample Bank

In Situ Oil Sand Water Sample Bank

In Situ Oil Sand Water Sample Bank

Mature Fine Tailings Sample Bank

The sample bank was established in 2013 to help various businesses and organizations to obtain mature fine tailings samples while maintaining confidentiality of their research results. This sample bank is anonymous, which means you will receive a sample from any one of InnoTech Alberta’s participating producers. Anonymity also means that you will not be expected to share the results from your test with any producing company. The samples have been created by blending different mature fine tailing samples from different producers to create a composite sample. Samples are available in 20 L quantities.

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In Situ Oil Sand Water Research Testing Program

InnoTech Alberta and participating industry members are working together to gather innovative ideas through research to reduce water usage in in-situ oil sands operations. Under this testing program, InnoTech Alberta will prepare the in situ oil sands water samples provided by participating industry members for use in third-party research. These samples will be provided to researchers once the proposals have been approved as outlined below.

Proposal Submission Process

Third-party researchers who have an interest in conducting research in the area of in-situ oil sands process water can submit non-confidential proposals online. Each proposal submission will be reviewed at meetings with the participating industry members for consideration. Letters of Agreement will be provided to researcher.

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Sample Acquisition

Once a researcher’s proposal has been approved, an in-situ oil sands water request form will be generated by InnoTech Alberta for completion by the researcher. Pre-payment for the in-situ oil sands water sample and an executed Letter of Agreement must be provided to InnoTech Alberta by the researcher prior to any shipment of in-situ oil sands processed water samples.

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Mature Fine Tailings and Water Sample Banks