Oil and Gas Production Technologies


Our group provides services related to heavy oil and bitumen production challenges, from the well bore, through the well head and production pad, to the gathering lines that lead to processing facilities. Our research combines physical experiments, field results and numerical simulation to study, predict and evaluate mechanisms, parameters and performance.

Production Engineering

  • Evaluate production devices
  • Prototype development and evaluation
  • High capacity steam flow testing

Field-scale apparatus

  • Sand transport loop
  • Multi-phase flow testing
  • Perforating unconsolidated sands
  • Scaling and fouling

Laboratory-scale apparatus

  • Flow control device testing and development
  • Sand production and control
  • Multi-phase flow assurance and metering
  • Fluid characterization
  • Wax deposition/inhibition

Field Support

  • Flow meter evaluation
  • Process monitoring
  • New technologies pilot support
  • Pipeline leak detection and Monitoring

Produced fluid sampling, preparation and analysis

  • Reservoir-produced samples collected from wellhead, downstream of wellhead, or from tanks
  • Specialized sampling equipment and techniques
  • Monitor performance of recovery techniques and changes in the oil
  • Samples analyzed by InnoTech’s Fuels and Lubricants laboratory
  • Distillation procedure for dewatering and solids removal
  • Bench top and large scale apparatus available
  • InnoTech’s dewatering method preserves oil composition very close to reservoir conditions
  • High pressure filtration removes solids
  • Analytical grade oil left for further testing