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The AACI Research Program is an in-situ heavy oil research and development consortium that partners industry with government to advance field-focused technologies. Work within this program involves identifying and evaluating improvements in operating practices and developing new exploitation strategies.

Western Canada’s heavy and extra heavy oil reservoirs are one of the largest-known accumulations of hydrocarbons in the world. Historically, economic exploitation of these reserves has been difficult. In response, the current AACI industry-government consortium approach was initiated in 1983. The program’s purpose is to develop novel technologies and improve existing processes related to in-situ recovery of heavy oil and bitumen with significantly reduced energy consumption and environmental impact.

AACI Research

Large research efforts addressing industry needs in the following areas:

  • Improve existing recovery processes
  • Improve well productivity
  • Reduce energy intensity
  • Develop new recovery processes

AACI Research Program Quick Facts

  • Focus Areas: In-situ recovery of heavy oil and bitumen, reservoir and near wellbore phenomena
  • Stable program currently in its 37th year
  • Industry driven & directed (10 industry members, and 1 government member – 1 vote / member)
  • Yearly budget: ~$3 million

Membership Benefits

  • Access to research results from all years of program
  • License-fee free use of technology developed during membership
  • One vote on Policy and Program Committee
  • Unlimited attendance at workshops
  • Direct communication between researchers and engineering and field staff throughout the year

2019-20 Members