Guidance and planning for environmental regulation and asset retirement.

With a solid grounding in applied research to help industry, government, and practitioners address challenges and bottlenecks in environmental management, energy asset retirement, and reuse is considered a growth focus area for InnoTech Alberta’s Environmental Impacts team. This focus area includes synergies with renewable energy developers to improve sustainability; assistance for energy asset owners and government in navigating regulatory hurdles; and integration of digital and emerging technologies for more efficient management and site closure. 

Our goal is to help industry, government, and practitioners to reduce liabilities, develop innovative technologies and approaches, and ultimately, enable the reuse of energy assets to generate opportunities for Albertans. 

Soil Sterilants Program

InnoTech Alberta’s Soil Sterilants Program is an example of one of our collaborative initiatives to convene industry, government, and environmental practitioners to address challenges in managing sites impacted by residual soil sterilants. The program is funded by key industry members and Alberta Innovates, creating a platform for government, industry, practitioners, and researchers to work together toward a common desired outcome.   

The program includes 15 interrelated projects being carried out by researchers, consultants, and academics, overseen by a steering and expert advisory committee. Our role is to oversee the projects, manage the program on behalf of the steering committee, and synthesize the information gleaned from individual projects for eventual distribution. 

A stream surrounded by forest and natural plants

Implementation and Reporting of Regulatory Requirements

InnoTech Alberta’s Environmental Services Division helps government, industry, and environmental practitioners identify and implement innovative, practical, environmentally responsible, and cost-effective solutions for optimizing efficiency in environmental data collection and reporting to support responsible resource development activities.    

Our objective is to advance the development and evaluation of digital tools for existing data integration by assembling teams of industry, researchers, and practitioners to work collaboratively with the Alberta Government to increase efficiencies in data collection and reporting. 

field employee measuring a leaf

Reclamation & Remediation Processes & Solutions

InnoTech Alberta drives innovation in environmental management by supporting de-risking, optimization, and validation of novel reclamation and remediation processes, technologies, and solutions. 

Using applied research and a range of testing (from bench-scale to field-scale), we offer scientific methods and technical services that focus on proven solutions, processes, and guidelines that can be implemented at an operational level. 

Reclamation of an oil production site. Planting pine seedlings.