Fermentation Plant Details

InnoTech Alberta’s fermentation facility has been in operation for over 30 years and has worked with a broad range of organisms and processes. The facility has proven to be a critical resource for clients with demonstrating new processes at scale, and provides the expertise and experience often needed for new processes under development. 

The facility is used to develop, optimize, and scale biological processes, provide toll processing services and assist customers in the deployment, demonstration and commercialization of novel technology. The equipment available at the fermentation plant include: 

  • 20 fermenters from 20 L to 15,000 L with capability for: 
    • Oxygen enrichment (some fermenters) 
    • Real-time data acquisition of standard parameters including off-gasses by mass spectrometry 
  • Centrifuges: 
    • Tubular bowl (7.5 kg bowl capacity) 
    • Disc stack (up to 10,000L/hr flow operating volume) 
  • Cell Disruption Equipment: 
    • Dynomill (5L volume) 
    • High Pressure Homogenizer Filtration Equipment 
    • Microfiltration modules 
    • Ultrafiltration modules 
  • Drying Equipment: 
    • Lyophilizers 
    • Spray Dryer 
    • Vacuum Evaporation/Distillation 
  • Solvent Extraction: 
    • Liquid-Liquid Exchange options 
    • Solvent amenable (Zone 2) segregated work space 

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Fermentation Plant

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