Unique facilities to process bio-materials and produce custom bio-composite products.

These facilities focus on the development of various bio-composites containing biomaterials in conjunction with polymers, fibres and resins. We formulate bio-based composites, nanocomposites, and other renewable products. 

Our team uses bio-material and bio-product integration studies and associated economic analysis to consider both the practical applications and financial viability of the products we create for industrial and commercial clients.

We routinely formulate the processes and develop novel, eco-friendly bioproducts using renewable, sustainable materials including biopolymers, biofibres, bioresins, biocomposites, bio-based coatings, bio-based nanocomposites, natural fibres, nanocellulose, lignin, bio-based corrosion inhibitor/protection, adhesives, rubber, carbon fibres, self-healing/shape memory/smart materials, plastic film, packaging, green release agents, fire retardants, and recycled materials. These bio-materials form part of the circular economy for a variety of applications and industries with more sustainable products and packaging.  Our work is complemented with a range of equipment and services including: 

  • Equipment for polymer/biopolymer/bioresins, bioplastics/bio-based polymers & resins, composite/biocomposite, nanocomposite/ bio-based nanocomposites, recycled materials, compostable/biodegradable processes 
  • Extruders/compression molding/spray-p/resins transfer molding 
  • Blowing film/Additive manufacturing (3D printing) facility 
  • Single screw extrusion, twin-screw extrusion, blending/Brabender, extruding, pelletizing, masterbatch production 
  • Electrospinning, spinneret, melt-spinning, extruding 
  • Compression molding for up to 4’ x 8’ size biomaterial 
  • Spray-up, resin transfer molding 
  • Microfluidization and homogenization from micro to nanometers 
  • Formulation, compounding 
  • Additive manufacturing, 3D printing filament 
  • Reactors and blenders 
  • Fiber, biomass process, treatment, modification, conversion 
  • Thermal (TGA, DMA), mechanical (tensile, flexural, tear), physical (contact angle, rheology), chemical testing instruments 

We also offer treatment, and modification of various biomaterials and the evaluation/analysis of the physical, chemical, thermal, and mechanical properties of these materials. 

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Bio-Composite Material Product Development Facilities