Industrial Network to Support Mining Productivity and Sustainability

The Mining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator (MICA) Network was launched in 2021 through an investment of $40 million from the Government of Canada’s Strategic Innovation Fund. MICA is a $112.4 million pan-Canadian initiative bringing together stakeholders from a wide range of fields to accelerate the development and commercialization of innovative technologies to make the mining sector more productive and sustainable.

InnoTech Alberta is a Regional Partner in MICA, representing and supporting the mining industry in Alberta.

Quick Facts

  • Regional Director: Dr. Gary Fisher
  • Focused on improving mine productivity and lowering associated environmental impacts
  • Funding program for applied research and deployment of technologies
  • Networking and training
  • Membership includes 3 mining companies and 60(+) associate and SME members

Project Funding and Support

One of the mandates of the MICA Network is to provide access to leverage funding for high-impact innovative clean technologies within one of the following four technical themes:

  • Increase Mine Production Capacity, at Lower Cost.
  • Reduce Mining Energy Consumption and GHG Emissions.
  • Implement Smart, Autonomous Mining Systems.
  • Reduce Environmental Risk and Long-Term Liabilities.

The investment in the projects is to advance made-in-Canada solutions, commercialize new, late-stage, high impact mining technologies and accelerate the number and scale of SMEs engaged in mining. View MICA’s page on project funding linked here.

Robotic welder

Networking & Training

Close up visual of Haul truck tires.

The MICA network hosts a series of either in-person or virtual technical and training workshops to support the adoption of new technologies in the mining sector. Previous events have included:

  • Workshop – additive manufacturing for the mining sector
  • Training – thermal spray technologies for mining applications
  • Workshop – Environmental mine management
  • Details of upcoming events are available on the MICA network website linked here.

Membership benefits

The benefits offered by the MICA members include:

  • Access to funding programs
  • Training and technical workshops
  • Networking events with mining and supply chain companies

View the MICA membership page linked here for more details.

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