Assessing and mitigating the environmental risk of industry.

Increased human population growth and unprecedented industrial development, combined with climate change, are putting pressure on the world’s water supply and the health of the environment. In order to manage impacts to ensure future sustainability, we need to better understand the links between human activity and its consequences for the ecosystems around us. 

InnoTech Alberta develops scientific and technological solutions for emerging environmental issues that consider ecological, land use, and socioeconomic factors. To ensure the health of our human and ecological communities, our land and water resources need to be maintained sustainably through informed management by industry, agriculture, and municipalities. 

Contaminant Fate & Behaviour in the Environment

We conduct environmental testing and evaluation of contaminant fate and behaviour at a variety of scales, including bench-scale microcosms and columns, above and below ground outdoor mesocosms, greenhouses and growth chambers, plots, and field investigations. 

The information we collect informs mathematical and visual conceptual models that allow us to determine the history, and forecast the movement of, contaminants in soil and water. These models inform the development of appropriate reclamation and remediation strategies. 

Female researcher examining soil samples

Water Resource Investigations & Impact Assessments

InnoTech Alberta partners with the oil sands and mining industries to test surface and groundwater supplies, which are under increasing stress. Surface mining, in situ oil extraction, and petrochemical refining processes have high water usage that can impact the regional water cycle, as well as aquatic ecosystems. 

Using geochemistry and stable isotopic tracers to inform geospatial models, InnoTech’s experts can predict the impact of resource and infrastructure development on groundwater and surface water flow. These techniques can provide further insights into the consequences of resource extraction for the health of local wetlands, lakes, rivers, and watersheds. 

gloved hands taking a water sample and putting it in a small bottle

De-risking Environmental Technologies & Processes

Industrial processes, and associated waste production, require the implementation of preventative practices to meet regulatory requirements and voluntary commitments. InnoTech Alberta develops research and testing programs that anticipate environmental impacts so that our clients can mitigate these risks. 

We harness a wide range of environmental sensors, testing facilities, and field-based monitoring programs to enable companies to improve the sustainability of their operations and quickly adapt to changing regulatory requirements. 

Two scientists working near a pool of water