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As an organization that is focused on scientific and technical aspects of environmental monitoring, InnoTech plays a unique and important role in developing monitoring approaches and frameworks to address government and industry challenges.  

InnoTech Alberta is a key partner of the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI) —an organization designed to track changes in biodiversity on landscapes on a provincial scale. Launched in 2007, the ABMI is the largest biodiversity monitoring program in Canada, using advanced technologies such as cameras, remote sensors, and traditional field sampling to collect data on a wide range of species (plants, mammals, birds, and more) and a diversity of habitats. The ABMI maintains records on more than 3,000 species, some new to Alberta and others new to science. InnoTech is a crucial player in the delivery of the ABMI’s field sampling program and the information collected by this program is crucial in the development of regional and subregional plans, to evaluate the impacts of development and to guide the creation of sustainable use practices that benefit of government, industry, and the public. 

InnoTech Alberta is a leader in developing and implementing monitoring programs that use diagnostic indicators to reflect environmental status and change. InnoTech has developed monitoring and assessment frameworks for a variety of receiving environments that align with regulatory needs and stakeholder concerns. Where new technologies (e.g., remote sensing) present opportunities to improve and optimize data collection and analysis, InnoTech has strived to convene technical experts, regulators and industry proponents to leverage such advancements where appropriate.  

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Remote and On-Site Biodiversity Monitoring

Remote and On-Site Biodiversity Monitoring

- Monitoring programs on-site, and at the municipal, regional, and provincial levels.

Monitoring Plans, Technology Development, and Testing

Monitoring Plans, Technology Development, and Testing

- InnoTech has the equipment, experience, and know-how to deliver a wide range of services.

Data Analysis and Integration

Data Analysis and Integration

- Complex data requires context, explanation, and quality control. InnoTech fills those knowledge gaps

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InnoTech Partner Organization

Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute

ABMI tracks changes in Alberta's wildlife and their habitats from border to border, and provide ongoing, relevant, scientifically credible information on Alberta's living resources. For our province's land use decision-makers. For Alberta's future land stewards. For Albertans.

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Remote and On-Site Biodiversity Monitoring 

We implement monitoring programs at local, municipal, regional, and provincial scales. We have expertise and equipment to support the collection of terrestrial and aquatic samples and data, including advanced and emerging sampling techniques and tools. 

InnoTech Alberta and ABMI’s partnership ensures that our field data provide the most relevant, timely, and credible scientific knowledge to support effective decision-making. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of scientific rigor in the collection and processing of data and samples. 


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Monitoring Plans, Technology Development & Testing

InnoTech Alberta has the equipment, experience, and expertise to deliver a wide range of sampling design and deployment, sensor installation, and monitoring support. Our commitment to constant improvement and adoption of new techniques means we are able to provide guidance to improve monitoring and assessment frameworks, evaluation plans, strategies, and technologies for reclamation and remediation efforts. 

We use proven best practices, as well as assess and adopt novel equipment and methods, for measuring a broad range of chemical, physical, and biological parameters to detect ecological trends and changes in diagnostic indicators at the field, mesocosms, laboratory, and greenhouse scales. The comprehensive data sets we create help to inform policy and decision-making. 


Remote wildlife camera trap placed on a tree

Data Analysis & Integration

Complex and big data require context, explanation, and stringent quality assurance and control. InnoTech fills knowledge gaps by providing advanced statistical analyses, data summaries, and detailed reports to industries that meet their biodiversity-related regulatory and stakeholder commitments. 

We effectively manage large monitoring data sets and use advanced analytics to understand and communicate that information to a diversity of audiences. The InnoTech and ABMI partnership leverage the expertise of both organizations to develop an understanding of the impacts of different anthropogenic footprints on species and habitats over time, information key to land-use decision-making, and mitigation to conserve species and habitats. 

a data sheet being used during moss collection for on-site biodiversity monitoring