For over 20 years, our native plant’s research has produced breeder seed for a variety of native species found in the province; the seed for many of these varieties is still available today.  

Our Environmental Impacts team houses an impressive bank of thousands of seed samples from hundreds of local species, most of which are grasses and forbs suitable for revegetation of disturbed ecosystems. Our research farm field plots in Vegreville allow us to conduct controlled experiments. 

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Native Plants Research Details
Native Plants Research Details

Research Farm Field Plots
Research Farm Field Plots

Native Species Lab & Herbarium
Native Species Lab & Herbarium

Seed Cleaning Facilities
Seed Cleaning Facilities

Native Plants Research Details

Our native plants research aims to promote collaboration. We diligently foster links with environmental organizations, academic scholars, scientific practitioners, and other seed banks that specialize in and work with native species to share knowledge and reduce duplicated work and research effort. 

Our research applies techniques to help government and industry reclaim and remediate degraded areas and turn them into functioning ecosystems using native plant materials. InnoTech’s work is foundational to facilitate and ensure the continued reproduction, distribution, and long-term success of native plant species across the province.  

Field of yellow flowers being sprayed with water
Small yellow flowers

Research Farm Field Plots Details

Our Vegreville research farm stretches over 600 acres and has designated land for native plant breeder plots and a variety of native plant experiments. There are also temperature-controlled soil boxes that are used for research projects. A shrub nursery and a native plant garden are used for on-site education.

There is also plenty of field equipment for measuring and monitoring environmental parameters and plant health. Our bio-industrial division also utilizes the research farm for research on crops, varietal development, and crop products.

Native Species Lab & Herbarium Details

InnoTech Alberta’s herbarium laboratory contains thousands of samples of plant species mounts that are used for reference, education, and training. The lab is equipped with plant analysis equipment that includes light benches, seed counters, microscopes, scales, and a germination cabinet.  

There is access to secure storage to prepare seeds for germination, run greenhouse and growth chamber experiments, process biomass and seed samples, and store specimens and samples.

Small plants growing in pallets
Plants inside a glass-door cabinet with electric lighting

Seed Cleaning Facilities

The plant research site has seed cleaning capabilities with specialized equipment for separating seeds from plant matter. The seeds we work with can be very small, difficult to clean, or embedded in fruit, and these tools make this process more efficient. 

Safety is a high priority for staff conducting this work. We have installed crop residue and dust extractors and have a designated room for working with more hazardous plant materials.  

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Native Plants Research Facilities

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