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Since 1939, clients have relied on the expertise of the Fuels and Lubricants laboratory to provide a wide range of services including quality assurance and quality control, collaboration on specifications and test methods, product evaluation, problem solving and value-added service programs. Fuels and Lubes performs analysis of crude and refined hydrocarbon products to determine chemical and physical properties. The lab is currently capable of performing over 200 tests for a wide range of matrices to service upstream, midstream and downstream areas of the oil and gas industry and bio-derived fuels.

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Specification Testing

  • Evaluate refined and renewable fuels for conformance to specifications
  • Referee lab for disputes
  • Tax-exempt fuel analysis for Alberta Treasury

Engine Testing

  • Experts in operation and maintenance of CFR octane and cetane test engines

Advanced Chromatography Analysis

  • Detailed composition of all petroleum products and by-products from live crude to refined fuels
  • Renewable fuel quality and production evaluation
  • Identification of unknowns and problem solving

Crude Evaluation and Characterization

  • Analytical services — both routine and specialized — and characterization of crude oil and bitumen
  • Fractionating distillations (D2892, D5236, spinning band)
  • Complete crude assays
  • Crude dewatering

Method Development

  • Leading edge technology through its work in developing methods and specifications for upstream, downstream and renewable fuel characterization
  • Customize and develop novel methodologies to suit specific needs
  • Instrument design and development

Other Services

  • Field sampling – single phase sample collection
  • Fuel remediation – consultation and onsite fuel treatment
  • Product Characteristics Survey – provides customers with expert advice and technical information on the characteristics and trends of gasoline and diesel marketed across Canada
  • Training Courses – product specifications, test methods operation and significance, and CFR test engine operation and maintenance
  • International Quality Assurance Exchange Program – proficiency testing program consisting of a series of petroleum related tests, frequent exchanges of a wide range of energy products and rapid report turnaround times