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Susan Brown

Supervisor, Specifications Lab

Professional Bio

Chemical Technology Diploma | Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)  

Susan Brown has worked with our organization for 28 years after starting with us as a summer student in the Gas & Oil Lab (which is now the Fuels and Lubricants Laboratory) back in 1993. She is now the supervisor of that very laboratory! Her main priority every day is to provide excellent service to the many external and internal clients that InnoTech Alberta serves. 

Susan oversees the team technologists in the laboratory who test petroleum products (jet fuel, aviation gasoline, motor gasoline, and diesel fuel) using various procedures such as Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) Test Methods and Specifications, ASTM Standard Tests and Procedures, ISO/EN Procedures and Standards, UOP Test Methods, Institute of Petroleum Methods and Standards. Susan and her team provide support and reporting to the petroleum industry, refineries, commercial petroleum labs, private citizens, and government agencies such as Environment Canada, Alberta Agriculture & Forestry, and the Alberta Treasury Board and Finance. 

Over the years, Susan has also provided training to external clients such as the Governments of Nunavut and Northwest Territories (NWT) Petroleum Products Divisions and Suncor. Both the Governments of Nunavut and NWT have a unique situation where they can only have fuel brought in by barge and rail once per year during the summer months. The fuel is received, stored, and managed by PPD Officers from this yearly re-supply to ensure that the product received meets Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) specifications. The training courses that she has provided are a basic overview of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel properties and specifications. Also, possible fuel remediation techniques are discussed if a product is “off-specification.” Laboratory test procedures are explained and demonstrated. The participants are trained in the operation, maintenance, and calibration protocols for the petroleum field test equipment that they use during their operations.  

In her leisure time, Susan enjoys reading, spending time with her family, and traveling.