Low emissions hydrogen technologies and solutions for industry.

Alberta provides approximately two-thirds of Canada’s hydrogen supply, so the province is currently a leader in Canada for the production and use of hydrogen. InnoTech Alberta recognizes that hydrogen technology has significant potential opportunities going forward.   

InnoTech Alberta, working with its partners, has a growing set of services for hydrogen production, infrastructure, and end-use applications. If you are interested in this space, we may have the expertise or facilities needed to address your needs. 

Illuminated plasma lab container.

Hydrogen Production and Conversion

InnoTech Alberta’s hydrogen production and CCUS services assist our clients with the evaluation, testing, de-risking, scale-up, and optimization of hydrogen production & CCUS processes through our laboratory capabilities. 

Hydrogen Infrastructure

As part of our Hydrogen service, our team can help to test, validate, and de-risk new and legacy pipeline and storage system technology and equipment. We have a particular focus on materials, and component testing and maintenance of piping, coatings, liners, valves, vessels, compressors, and downhole tubing.  

InnoTech Alberta can also provide detailed technology and environmental risk assessment reports. This will give our clients insight into the condition of their hydrogen and CCUS infrastructure and its potential and real environmental impacts. 

Hydrogen End Use

Adopting new clean fuels is a major opportunity for society and industry to reduce overall greenhouse gas (GHG) and other emissions in areas including resource development, heavy industry, transportation, heating, and power generation.   

Our experts can conduct validation of the potential H2 applications using laboratory and other testing capabilities. This ensures that our clients are using the most appropriate equipment and operating and maintenance procedures.