Research, demonstration, and scale-up of carbon capture technology.

Our clients will have the opportunity to evaluate new carbon capture and utilization technologies at a demonstration-scale using flue gas or concentrated CO2 from the amine-based capture unit, which is also available for research and development purposes.  

 The ACCTC is key to accelerating the development of greenhouse gas reduction technologies, de-risking these technologies for industry, and making them commercially viable. 

Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre Details

The Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre (ACCTC) is a unique facility built to research, validate and demonstrate prototypes, and mitigate the risk of carbon capture and utilization technologies.  

The facility is operated by experienced staff and supported by scientific experts. ACCTC is also fully equipped for research and development projects. The ACCTC is located next to the Shepard Energy Centre, an 860 megawatt (MW) natural-gas-fuelled power generation facility jointly owned by ENMAX and Capital Power. 

The Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre includes: 

  • 5 outdoor gravel pads, each measuring 25m x 93m 
  • 5 test bays each with a footprint size of 25,000 square feet 
  • R&D opportunity on an Amine Based Carbon capture system 
  • Each bay is equipped with the following services: 
  • Power — 25kV/600V, 2MVA 
  • Utility water  Supply pressure 345 kpag 
  • Natural gas supply  Pressure range 207-552 kpag 
  • 400 BBL wastewater tank — Double-walled, heat traced, 2” tie in connection, outlet by truck only 
  • 25 tonnes of CO2 per day flue gas (4-6% CO2) – Supply pressure range 30-40 kpag from the adjacent natural gas-fired power plant 
  • Concentrated CO2 (>99%%, up to 6 tonnes/day for the site) from an Amine based carbon capture system 
  • Office space areas (each approximately 250 sq. ft.) is available for each bay and is equipped with a landline phone  
  • Conference room 
  • Internet service and Wi-Fi connectivity 

Gas Composition Details


Flue Gas 

Concentrated CO2 





20.7 kpag 

100 kpag 


8.25 Vol% 

3.2 mol% 

CO2 (dry) 

4-6 Vol % 

96.8 mol% 

NO2 (dry) 

15-18 Ppmv 

0.000013 mol% 



0.019 mol% 


0 Vol % 

0 Vol% 

O2 (dry) 

10-12 Vol % 


Pipes carrying CO2 from Shepard Energy Centre to the ACCTC

Professional Services

Engineering Support for Technology Optimization 

  • Mechanical engineering (rotational equipment and pressure vessel expertise) 
  • Instrumentation, electrical, and power engineering 
  • Chemical engineering (process simulation, process control, and process and reactor design expertise) 
  • Chemists to assist with process kinetics improvements 

 Laboratory and Analytical Services 

  • Feedstock and product analysis 
  • Material characterization 
  • Bench-scale testing and optimization support 
  • Customizable analysis and recommendations for specific needs 
Man wearing hardhat and blue work jumpsuit

Facility Support Services  

  • Operation of the supply line of the flue gas to ensure the continuity 
  • Operation of the CO2 Capture Unit to provide high concentration CO2 
  • Maintenance of the site operation permit and coordination and reporting of any potential spill or release 
  • Implementation of health and safety rules and regulations 
  • Oversight and management of change protocols and coordination of site activities with the power plant 
  • Maintenance of the access road and overall site and office area 

Carbon Capture Unit R&D 

  • Capture Unit is fabricated from stainless steel to accommodate novel solvents 
  • Capture Unit modular design and fabrication allows InnoTech to test and evaluate novel processing units which can be integrated into the system 
  • The existing delta reclaimer at the Capture Unit allows for experimentation involving recovery and recycling of different solvents 
Pipes at ACCTC with power plant in the background

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