Reducing carbon and methane gases to mitigate environmental impact.

The management of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, including CO2 and methane, is a major challenge for many industries. In response, industrial emitters (including those in the oil and gas sector) are exploring new technology options for low- or net-zero carbon emissions. 

The capture of carbon from industry and transportation is essential to the fight against climate change. Discovering new methods and technology for decarbonization and carbon sequestration is a top priority for our experts. 

Technology Demonstration & Scale Up

The validation of new technologies requires innovative, reliable large-scale facilities to test prototypes and de-risk the processes for future deployment and adoption.

InnoTech Alberta facilitates validation and demonstration of carbon capture and conversion technologies in real-life conditions to enable scale- up and optimization prior to commercial implementation.

InnoTech Alberta owns and operates a six TPD amine-based CO2 capture unit which is fabricated from stainless steel and makes it suitable for R&D projects. The capture unit is available for testing any novel solvent and processing equipment to make a performance comparison to the conventional amine process.

Man focused in on subject at a plasma lab.

Capture, Utilization & Decarbonization R&D

Carbon capture, utilization, and storage are the most promising approaches to reduce the carbon output from industrial activity, enabling CO2 to become an asset rather than a liability.

InnoTech Alberta enables research and technology development to 1) reduce the cost of CO2 capture and 2) identify, develop and demonstrate applicable carbon conversion and methane decarbonization technologies directly applicable for implementation at industrial sites in Alberta.

These research programs will help the industry meet its regulatory requirements and environmental sustainability responsibilities while maintaining business operations. We deliver high-impact, value-added research and technical services; some of the core
R&D capabilities area are:

  • Plasma Processing
  • Electrochemistry
  • CO2 Capture Technologies Lab Scale Evaluation
  • Catalytic CO2/ Methane Conversion Concepts Lab Scale Evaluation
View of carbon conversion lab equipment.