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Brian Eaton

Manager, Environmental Impacts

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Forestry, wildlife management, agricultural systems

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Ph.D. in Ecology & Environmental Science | University of Alberta
P.Biol. | Alberta Society for Professional Biologists

Brian Eaton is an ecologist with over 25 years of experience in applied ecological research, including studies in forestry, wildlife management, and agricultural systems. He examines theoretical and applied questions across a wide array of ecosystems and organisms. Brian has worked in a variety of experimental terrestrial habitats and aquatic systems (aquaria, large-scale mesocosms) to field-based research in wetlands, lakes, streams, and rivers.

Most recently, Brian is excited by the work being done by InnoTech Alberta with eDNA (environmental DNA): obtaining samples from water, soil, and ice and extracting DNA from the media. The most recent, cutting-edge method his team has tried is extracting DNA from snow tracks. After the extraction, his team can amplify it and query it with primer sets for specific species. This work has wide implications for monitoring the habitat rage of fish, amphibians and mammals. For example, Brian has worked with oil sands operators to monitor fish populations in water near functional and decommissioned sites.

Outside of work, Brian is the Chair of the Friends of Elk Island—an organization that promotes knowledge about nature conservation and encourages citizen science. Brian plays soccer because he appreciates the team atmosphere. He has also been a Troop Leader with Scouts Canada for 20+ years taking kids backcountry camping and teaching outdoor skills. He also enjoys coaching sports, martial arts, and home renovations.