Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre (ACCTC) - InnoTech Alberta

A unique facility built to demonstrate CO2 capture and conversion technologies

  • Outdoor testing at semi commercial rates under industrial conditions
  • 25 tonnes of CO2 per day supplied in flue gas from adjacent natural gas fired power plant
  • Carbon capture capabilities provide concentrated CO2 if required
  • Five parallel gravelled test bays for technology evaluations with office space and conference room available
  • NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE finalists on-site until completion of competition in 2020

The ACCTC is key to accelerating development of GHG reduction technologies relevant to Alberta’s industrial sources, and will facilitate industrial adoption by derisking commercially viable technologies producing valuable products from CO2 feedstock.

The development and future use of the Centre will extend beyond the XPRIZE competition, and will be open for use by other technology developers offering them flexibility and ease of access to the facility, including:

  • Five test bays each with a footprint size of 25,000 square feet
  • The services provided to each bay are individually metered including:
    • CO2 supplied at a flowrate between 1 – 5 tonnes/day
    • Natural Gas
    • Electrical Service
    • Utility water use
    • A 400 bbl (63.5m³) double-walled tank set to hold liquid waste streams
  • Newly added carbon capture capability allows facility access to technology developers with carbon conversion capabilities that require high concentration streams from a CO2 capture plant. The ACCTC can also provide flue gas for testing those technologies that have carbon capture capability from low concentration CO2 streams.

Directions to the ACCTC