Processing Technologies - InnoTech Alberta

Environmental Microbial Culture Bank – InnoTech Alberta has a substantial collection of over 200 anaerobic mixed enrichment cultures capable of metabolizing a range of hydrocarbons, crude oil and coal. The cultures are mainly methanogenic, though there are some cultures under nitrate- and sulfate-reducing conditions.

Industrial Sensor Technologies – Engages in research, development and deployment of new measurement systems for resource industries.

Materials and Reliability in Oil Sands (MARIOS) – An industry-directed consortium that tackles oil sands maintenance and reliability issues.

New Value-Added Products – Processing Technologies aims to help industry develop higher-value materials. The Bio-Thermo-Chemical Processing team adds value to materials and organic residuals.

Pipeline Integrity and Corrosion Management (PICoM) – An industry-led working group which facilitates collaborative R&D projects to improve detection, measurement and mitigation methods for corrosion in pipeline systems.

Process Optimization – Using the expertise and equipment required for the optimization, industrialization, and scale-up of processes, we help increase the value of biofibre resources by extracting and testing higher-value materials.

Reliability – The Welding, Corrosion and Fluid Systems Engineering teams at Devon provide expert-level consultation on productivity and quality enhancement for the energy, manufacturing, fabrication, and construction industries.