April 23, 2024 4 weeks ago

InnoTech Alberta is part of the province’s most comprehensive research and innovation agency and we’re moving Alberta’s hydrogen economy forward.
With recent facility and technology upgrades from the Hydrogen Centre of Excellence, and our team of clean energy experts, InnoTech is positioned to solve hydrogen industry challenges.
Martin Huard is our Hydrogen Lead and recently addressed the Technical Conference at the Canadian Hydrogen Convention on the future of hydrogen research and testing.
His focus was on the research, facilities, and technologies InnoTech offers including:
For example, our team of experts is exploring suitability gaps in H2 specification test methods, modifying existing tests and developing new methods because H2 for fuel cells must be tested to verify it meets specifications.
InnoTech has procured new test equipment and is working to test method customization and development to ensure H2 fuel product quality. Our Hydrogen Quality Centre is a first for Canada and will offer new services to clients while ensuring that producers meet the needs of fuel cell customers.
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