April 26, 2024 4 weeks ago

Alberta’s emerging hydrogen economy depends on a deep well of expertise. Safe and effective ways to produce hydrogen, transport it to its destination, and use it to generate energy are being developed and tested in-house at InnoTech Alberta. InnoTech’s experts are at the leading edge, pushing forward new possibilities to advance a  hydrogen economy.
Representatives from InnoTech attended the Canadian Hydrogen Convention from April 23 to 25, an international gathering of the parties who are advancing hydrogen forward. They were joined by a larger delegation from parent organization Alberta Innovates and Alberta Innovates’ subsidiary, C-FER Technologies, showcasing full-spectrum supports for hydrogen. Read more about our presence at the Convention here.
Aprami Jaggi, Researcher, Environmental Impacts and a part of our Environmental Services team, presented during the technical portion of the event. She shared InnoTech’s new tool for differentiating hydrogen production processes, a regulatory device to be implemented in the early production stage. The tool, known as stable isotope fingerprinting, helps monitor leakage from hydrogen being stored underground and trace the origins of supplied hydrogen.
Stable isotope fingerprinting represents the first-time isotopic signatures from varying hydrogen production processes have been grouped and compared. Differentiation is based on the colour spectrum of the produced hydrogen.
Research findings examining the robustness of the tool were recently published in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.
The tool is now available for clients to use. Reach out to InnoTech today to inquire about stable isotope fingerprinting and other hydrogen services.