The InnoTech Alberta Pressurized Reaction Tower (PRT) system is a continuous chemical extraction system that converts lignocellulosic biomass into:

  1. unbleached and bleached fibres for pulp, packaging, and textiles;
  2. lignin for resins and polymers; and
  3. sugars for biofuels and biochemicals.

The PRT can chemically and thermally treat fibrous material, so that it can be used in higher value textiles, paper, specialty packaging and chemical products and will be available to entities needing de-risking or process development assistance.

The PRT fills a key gap in pre-commercial scale fibre processing capacity, specifically the continuous chemical extraction, purification, and treatment of natural fibres.

Applicable feedstocks include

  • milled agricultural material,
  • shredded textile waste,
  • sawmill residuals (sawdust),
  • wood or non-wood pulp.

These activities highlight and demonstrate Alberta’s bio-based feedstocks as being viable and sustainable raw materials for developing new manufacturing capacity and value-added products.

The PRT was designed for chemical pulping, pulp bleaching, biomass extraction and pre-treatment, thereby encouraging private sector investment in commercial-scale production in Alberta.

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