The Industrial Sensors Technology and Informatics team uses their facility at the Pylypow Industrial Park for constructing and servicing the specialty analysers they design as well as providing space for experiments and small pilot trials. This facility contains a specialized anti-static floor used for constructing static sensitive analysers, a small machine shop, an electronics lab, and high head space with a 10-ton crane. 

Testing and Experimentation

The facility lends itself well for the setup of experiments that require space and the equipment contained within.  With a 10-ton crane, machine shop, and electronics lab these facilities are equipped to handle a wide variety of testing and experimental setups.

Short Term Pilot Plants

There have been a number of pilot facilities located at the Pylypow facility over the last several years. The facility is ideal for such pilots as it has high head space and ample utilities to be able to support a wide range of requirements inside the internal bay and outside in the fenced and secure yard.

An InnoTech worker checking electronics

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