Jan Slaski - InnoTech Alberta

Ph.D., P.Ag (Dist)

Principal Researcher

Bio-Industrial Services



Over the last 17 years, Jan J. Slaski has been leading research aimed at introduction and breeding of hemp varieties that suit the needs of the fibre and food industries on the Prairies. To fully realize potential residing within this crop hemp and to assure whole crop utilization Jan assembled a program at InnoTech Alberta offering solutions from “seed to final product” that includes three domains: breeding and agronomy, fibre processing and product development. Since 2012, Jan has been serving hemp industry as a director of the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance. Jan’s research also focusses on the development of best management practices permitting sustainable production of staple (cereals, pulses, canola) and novel (flax, quinoa, Jerusalem artichoke) prairie crops under changing environmental conditions.