Ore and MFT Sample Banks

Do you have a new mineable oil sands process or technology you would like to test? InnoTech Alberta offers an oil sands sample bank where you can purchase oil sands samples from the Athabasca area. The sample bank was established in 2007 with funding from the Canadian Oil Sands Network for Research and Development (CONRAD) and has shipped Athabasca oil sand to more than 16 countries.

This sample bank is anonymous, which means you will receive a sample from any one of InnoTech’s participating producers. This also means that you will not be expected to share the results from your test with any producing company.

Samples are received unhomogenized in 10 or 20 litre pails. They are visually graded on site by the producer to fall into one of three categories:

  • Low grade (approximately 8% bitumen)
  • Medium grade (approximately 10% bitumen)
  • High grade (approximately 13% bitumen)

If you need the sample characterized beyond the visual grading, InnoTech can do further tests to clarify the sample’s characteristics through its oil sands sample analysis services.