In-Situ Oil Sand Water Research Testing Program

Program Description

InnoTech Alberta and participating industry members are working together to gather innovative ideas through research to reduce water usage in in-situ oil sands operations. Under this testing program, InnoTech Alberta will prepare the in-situ oil sands water samples provided by participating industry members for use in third-party research. These samples will be provided to researchers once the proposals have been approved as outlined below.

Proposal Submission Process

Third-party researchers who have an interest in conducting research in the area of in-situ oil sands process water can submit non-confidential proposals online.

Each proposal submission will be reviewed at meetings with the participating industry members for consideration. Letters of Agreement will be provided to researcher.

Sample Acquisition

  1. Once a researcher’s proposal has been approved, an in-situ oil sands water request form will be generated by InnoTech Alberta for completion by the researcher.
  2. Prepayment for the in-situ oil sands water sample and an executed Letter of Agreement must be provided to InnoTech Alberta by the researcher prior to any shipment of in-situ oil sands processed water samples.