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Collaborating to Support Conservation

Since 2018, InnoTech Alberta (a subsidiary of Alberta Innovates) has been part of the Canadian Conservation and Land Management (CCLM) Knowledge Network, alongside Ducks Unlimited Canada, National Boreal Caribou Knowledge Consortium coordinated by Environment and Climate Change CanadaNatural Resources Canada’s Canadian Forest Service, and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology’s Centre for Boreal Research. Together, these five organizations are supporting Canadian efforts in conservation and land management.

CCLM has launched a new online platform, the Canadian Conservation and Land Management Portal. The Portal enables a coordinated exchange of knowledge between researchers, industry leaders, policymakers, indigenous organizations, non-profits and others working in the areas related to conservation or land management.

The CCLM Portal aims to solve these problems by becoming a one-stop, centralized, go-to website for reliable land management and conservation resources. The website’s current portals:  wetland knowledgeboreal caribou and land management – allow users to access hundreds of high-quality, relevant resources, including an interactive map of caribou projects. More than just a hub for data, the Portal provides the many organizations and individuals working in these areas with the opportunity to connect and collaborate.

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“When people launch land management, reclamation, or conservation projects, they search for resources from other parties to help inform their decisions. There’s a vast amount of work being done in these areas, but the information is often too widespread or exists in silos, making it difficult to find.”

CCLM Main Page

Knowledge Network

Canadian Conservation and Land Management Portal

A forum for sharing information and lessons learned about boreal caribou conservation, wetland best practices, land restoration and land reclamation.

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