March 13, 2024 1 month ago

 InnoTech Alberta partnered with Sprint Robotics to host a robotics workshop in Fort McMurray.

Industrial robotics are particularly appealing for producers as they can do jobs that are too time-consuming, dangerous, or inaccessible for conventional workers.

InnoTech Alberta’s experts in applied science and engineering worked together with MARIOS, Sprint, and the MICA Network to host this cutting edge partnership event.

The event was open to MARIOS members and to anyone who registered in advance and purchased a ticket.

The workshop was very well received and brought together several robotics technology leaders with oil producers.

A great workshop session was hosted by Suncor where several opportunities and solutions were discussed by oil producers and expositors.

Some of the Oil producers that attended the Workshop was:

The expositors were:

Thanks to everyone who participated in this important event.