Call for applications: Cutting Edge Technologies for Optimizing Oil and Gas Asset Retirement

Posted on: January 27, 2021

Showcase your organization’s best practices or technologies for efficient retirement of oil and gas assets!

Successful applicants will be given a segment in an hour-long video seminar to showcase how their organization, product, approach, technology, or digital application results in improved outcomes in the environmental management of legacy oil and gas assets. Participation is free! For more information, instructions on how to apply and evaluation metrics, please see below.


While estimates vary, the number of oil and gas wellsites and associated facilities in the western Canadian provinces that require reclamation is between 150,000 and 200,000. The importance of decommissioning and regulatory closure of these sites has recently been highlighted by industry and both federal and provincial governments. Drivers to complete this work include reduction of financial liability, ecological restoration and return of land to productive use (or reuse).

Enabling operational efficiencies in asset retirement has been identified as a key area of opportunity for the energy, environmental and clean technology industries. Implementing best practices that also contribute to greater sustainability in the work conducted, and leveraging leading edge technologies, have been shown to drive these operational efficiencies, and an online seminar is being developed to showcase leading edge approaches and technologies. Seminar development is being led by InnoTech Alberta in collaboration with Acden Vertex and other key industry stakeholders. Development is being funded with Federal financial support and is therefore free for both contributors and participants.

Seminar description

The online seminar of approximately 60 minutes will focus on environmental management of legacy oil and gas wellsites and associated facilities (i.e., post-well abandonment). The seminar will be technical in nature, targeted to

  • service providers in the environmental and energy industries;
  • industry and government representatives;
  • students; and
  • technology developers.

The objectives of the seminar are to:

  • Share successful strategies and best practices for reducing costs and speeding timelines, thus accelerating the retirement and reclamation of legacy assets.
  • Outline approaches used to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of field activities.
  • Showcase western Canadian businesses providing niche or leading-edge services.
  • Showcase efforts on the part of western Canadian businesses to develop, commercialize and adopt clean tech for addressing a high priority challenge for the energy industry.

The seminar will include a mix of background information, interviews and video demonstrations of technologies or applications. It will be professionally produced and will be promoted through various channels; thus, there is potential for distribution to jurisdictions beyond western Canada, many of whom are grappling with similar asset retirement challenges. The seminar will be available through applicable industry organization websites.

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