Steve McMahon - InnoTech Alberta


Chief Operating Officer

InnoTech Alberta


Steve McMahon is a Professional Engineer with extensive experience developing applied technology solutions for complex client and industry problems, and managing practices that build and implement them. Before joining Alberta Innovates and InnoTech, Steve held senior leadership positions in large technology consulting organizations, such as Deloitte Consulting (Partner) and CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants (Senior Executive Consultant). Steve built and managed teams that supported the full life-cycle of large scale technology implementations from analysis and design, build, implementation,  to operations.  He was responsible for the quality, capability, capacity, productivity, and profitability to grow and sustain the service offerings and solutions, and for meeting and exceeding the client’s needs. Steve is known for his entrepreneurial approach to developing innovative solutions and service offerings that have been described as “ahead of the curve.”

Steve recently served as Executive Vice President (EVP), Operations of Alberta Innovates before joining InnoTech Alberta.  As EVP, he had oversight of the Bio, Healthcare, and Clean Energy Sector Investment business lines, as well as the Applied Research and Emerging Platforms portfolios.  In his current role as Chief Operating Officer of InnoTech Alberta, Steve’s mandate is to grow InnoTech Alberta’s applied research capabilities to align with the priorities of government and Alberta Innovates, solve industry challenges, develop collaboration opportunities between Alberta’s Innovation Ecosystem and Industry, and continuously evolve the organization’s value proposition to both public-sector and industry

As a practitioner, Steve has worked across multiple industries applying technologies to resolve client data, digital, systems integration, and industry-wide interoperability challenges including healthcare, telecommunications, oil and gas, manufacturing, retail and distribution, supply chain, and digital government services.  Steve has specialized in industry interoperability platforms that resolve the disparate system/data challenges facing organizations and industries which restrict/limit them from leveraging the benefits of today’s data and digital technologies in their business.

Early in his career, Steve practiced as a petroleum engineer, focusing on production and reservoir engineering.  His interest and skill in developing data management systems and digital technology platforms led to his involvement in increasingly large scale projects in other industries.  His key accomplishments include the development of CGI’s Health Solutions & Service Practice for Western Canada, the concept-to-commercialization of a data exchange network for Alberta’s Oil & Gas Industry,  and a cloud-based industry platform for healthcare inter-organization data and digital services exchange.