Shannon White - InnoTech Alberta


Senior Researcher, ABMI

Enviromental Services


Shannon has always been passionate about the intersection between science and policy. As a Senior Researcher for InnoTech Alberta, her primary responsibility is as Science Centre Co-Director for the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI). InnoTech Alberta is a delivery partner of the ABMI. In this role, she provides direction on the scientific aspects of biodiversity monitoring, and leads a team of ecologists and statisticians dedicated to interpreting the ABMI’s extensive datasets. She enjoys working with many varied partners to maximize the value and impact achieved with the ABMI’s data, while maintaining the scientific integrity of the organization’s work.

Highlights include her previous experience at the ABMI, as an ecologist on the team she now leads, as well as her time as Biodiversity Specialist at Alberta Environment and Parks. Shannon’s background is as a grassland and global change ecologist, holding a PhD from the University of Alberta, and BSc (Hons) from the University of British Columbia. Her current role builds upon her expertise in biodiversity science and monitoring, but also an understanding of environmental policy, and appreciation for the value of collaboration and innovation.