James Brydie

Ph.D., P.Geol.

Principal Researcher

Geoscience and Environmental Monitoring



James Brydie is a principal researcher leading and managing a broad range of complex applied research and technical projects within the fields of environmental monitoring and simulation, pipeline leakage detection, geochemistry, environmental sciences and technology validation and development. Collaborative studies have included domestic and international Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through to multinational companies.

Current activities include (i) Pipeline leakage simulation and detection, including laboratory, field and numerical studies to optimize liquid leak detection, (ii) Field-based environmental sensor tests for fugitive methane releases, (iii) Geology, hydrogeology, geochemistry site characterisation for applied research projects, (iv) The development of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) sensor testing program where ground-based energy, environmental and agricultural studies may be used to support SME sensor validation and commercialization, and (v) The development of methods to integrate air, soil and groundwater sensor data to automate environmental monitoring using Internet of Things (IoT) approaches.