Garth Likes

B.Sc., CMC

Executive Director

Business Development, New Ventures

780-450- 5415

Garth joined Alberta Innovates as a Technology Development Advisor (TDA) in May 2016, moving to Director of ASBIRI in 2018 and then moving to InnoTech Alberta in September 2019, as Executive Director Business Development.

Prior to this Garth spent 33 years in the private sector providing various business development consulting services to biotech and clean tech start-up companies across North America and Western Europe. Over his career Garth has gained practical knowledge, experience and insights in financing, sales, marketing, project leadership and management.

As an entrepreneur he has started four companies of his own, helping to finance and take two of them public. Garth has participated in bringing health and diagnostic based products to market including one which was evaluated by NASA for immune function monitoring of astronauts. One of Garth’s companies was given an international best in class award for the development of a technology marketing program and strategy that resulted in multiple tens of millions of dollars in sales.

Garth’s best skill however is his ability to foster linkages and partnerships and connect the dots between industry, government and small, medium enterprise companies across multiple technology platforms.

Garth has a medical microbiology/immunology background, and a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation. In his current position Garth will focus on helping InnoTech secure technologies and services to enable the development of new areas of business, for InnoTech and for our clients.