Ernie Perkins

Ph.D., P.Geol.

Principal Researcher

Geochemical Applications


Ernie Perkins is a principle researcher in geochemistry at InnoTech Alberta. He has spent the last 3+ decades studying geochemical processes in CO2 sequestration (CCS), acid gas storage, thermal EOR oil recovery and various industrial processes using various types of geochemical experiments and simulation, and by implementing various MMV solutions. Many of these involve the monitoring, prediction and treatment of formation damage, scaling and fouling. As part of his duties, Ernie was a Senior Advisor, Storage North America (half time) at the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute (GCCSI) (2011 to 2013) and was seconded to the Co-operative Research Center for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC) to develop the geochemical MMV program for the Otway project in Australia (2004 to 2006). He has been a member of the DNV GL technical review committee for Quest, Gorgon and CarbonNet. Ernie has directly worked the Shell Quest project, the ACTL/Enhance project, the Gorgon project, the Pioneer project and the Spectra project. He has been involved and led research programs in MMV, geochemistry and geological issues at CCS pilots and CO2 EOR sites (Weyburn – initial and final stages, Penn West, Otway, Zama and a number of acid gas sites).Ernie has been a member of various Alberta Government committees supplying input on geochemical issues.