iMEOR Information - InnoTech Alberta

Indigenous Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (iMEOR)

Joint Industry Project (JIP)

The iMEOR JIP is a research program that aims to de-risk today’s MEOR process by delivering scientifically verified microbial stimulation packages as a low-cost, effective tertiary oil recovery application.

The objectives of the iMEOR JIP are:

  1. Use InnoTech Alberta’s microbiology expertise to design and develop field specific nutrient packages for the MEOR processes applicable to light oil and conventional heavy oil reservoirs.
  2.  Use InnoTech Alberta’s reservoir engineering expertise and facilities to demonstrate incremental oil recovery at the lab scale and understand/verify MEOR mechanisms.
  3. Develop and transfer the MEOR processes to operators for field implementation focusing on minimizing CAPEX and OPEX.
  4. Evaluate and monitor field data from MEOR-treated cases, determine the dominant microbial effect for incremental oil recovery, and adjust protocol if necessary.

Members Benefits

  • Provides a means to significantly leverage R&D investments, with operators directly setting research priorities and providing R&D direction.
  • Access to the research and engineering staff at InnoTech Albertta throughout the year.
  • Provides an opportunity to network and learn from the experience of other members.


  • Operating companies
  • Service companies
  • Government
  • Universities and Research Institutes