High Pressure/High Temperature Micro-Model - InnoTech Alberta

A High Pressure/High Temperature Micro-Model apparatus can visualize miscible and immiscible displacement flow in a porous medium under extreme pressure (up to 20,000 psi) and temperature (> 300oC). InnoTech Alberta can operate or manufacture this apparatus to client specifications.

The latest feature includes a novel motorized dual camera system that allows the operator to identify an area of interest (AOI) on the global-view camera and direct the high-resolution camera to the target with a click of the mouse. This new feature supports image capturing of dynamic processes occurring in the model. Collected images and videos can visualize flow mechanisms of a given process. PVT behavior, dynamic asphaltenes precipitation and IFT measurements can be additional features added to the apparatus.


1. Micromodel Waterflood Fingering


2. Micromodel Oil Saturation


3. Micromodel Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer(ASP) Flood


4. Micromodel Waterflood