Pipeline Integrity and Corrosion Management (PICoM)

In 2008, the Pipeline Integrity and Corrosion Management (PICoM) working group was established by Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures, Alberta Advanced Education and Technology, and industry partner, GE Water and Process Technologies. Its objective is to evaluate and improve corrosion monitoring methods for midstream and downstream petroleum operations. 

PICoM now is an industry-led working group which facilitates collaborative R&D projects to improve detection, measurement and mitigation methods for corrosion in pipeline systems. This is accomplished by a suite of unique testing capabilities offered by Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures (AITF), and through focused workshops which allow for sharing of industry experiences and best practices. The intent is to create a unique consortium linking pipeline operators with suppliers to solve problems collaboratively.


AITF provides PICoM with expertise and unique laboratory/pilot-scale facilities, including:

  • Crude oil pipeline flow-loop (test bed)
  • Pig design evaluation
  • Chemical inhibitor assessment
  • Real-time corrosion rate monitoring
  • Simulation of localized corrosion (pitting and MIC)
  • Electro-chemical analysis techniques
  • Lab-scale corrosion testing (sour service capabilities)


Current Participants:

  • Apache Corporation
  • Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. 
  • Husky Energy
  • Penn West Exploration
  • Shell Canada
  • Suncor Energy
  • Talisman Energy inc.

  • Enbridge Inc.
  • Inter Pipeline Fund
  • Kinder Morgan
  • Plains Midstream Canada
  • Pembina Pipeline Corporation
  • TransCanada Pipelines Ltd.


Companies interested in participating in of PICoM should contact:

Tamer Crosby, Ph.D.,
Corrosion Engineering Team
+1 (780) 987-8760

News & Updates

June 8, 2016 - PICoM Workship in July 2016

AITF will be having the 4th PICoM workshop at the AITF facility in Calgary.AB in mid-July. More details will be post soon. 


March 16, 2016 - AITF Presentations at NACE Corrosion 2016 Conference

AITF presented at the Corrosion 2016 Conference this March at Vancouver, BC. The presentation information are listed below.

  • "Establishing operating envelopes for materials susceptibility to enviromentally assisted cracking in thermal oil sands operation" presented by Tesfa Haile
  • "Corrosivity of produced and make-up water in oil sands thermal water treatment systems" presented by Tesfa Haile
  • "Methodology for the evaluation of cleaning pigs on sludge deposits from corrosion pits" presented by Winston Mosher
  • "Gap analysis of pipeline coatings: A review study" presented by Tamer Crosby


June 30, 2015 - NACE Association Awards

The upcoming NACE International CORROSION 2016 Conference will be held in Vancouver, BC on March 6 – 10, 2016. That’s right, in Canada! More importantly, NACE International honors industry achievement each year with a selection of distinguished Association Awards.  The deadline for award nominations is June 30, 2015. As such, please consider your colleagues, company or individuals that should be acknowledged for their achievements in the field of corrosion science. A detailed list of the awards and previous recipients can be found at www.NACE.org/awards

June 16, 2015 – Canadian Crude Quality Technical Association's Annual General Meeting

Tamer Crosby will be presenting the proposal for the Recommended Practice for Sludge Deposit, Sampling, Storage, and Transportation for Midstream and Transmission Crude Oil Pipelines at the annual general meeting of the Canadian Crude Quality Technical Association.

April 13 – 16, 2015 – Banff Pipeline Workshop (Building Trust)

Register for the upcoming Banff Pipeline Workshop.  Click here for more information about the workshop.      

March 14 – 19, 2015 – NACE International Conference 2015 (Dallas, Texas)

Tesfa Haile will be presenting research related to corrosion of brackish water pipelines on March 17, 2015 at 8:50 AM in Room 142 at the NACE International Conference in Dallas, Texas.

February 23 – 26, 2015 – NACE International, Northern Area Western Conference 2015 (Calgary, Alberta)

On behalf of the NACE Northern Area and in cooperation with the NACE Calgary Section, the 2015 Northern Area Western Conference will be held in the Heart of the New West, Calgary, Alberta. This three-day conference will focus on corrosion and asset integrity management in the oil and gas industry with a theme of knowledge transfer to our youth.  Click here for more information

In addition, Winston Mosher will be presenting a “Method of Evaluating Cleaning Pig Design for the Removal of Deposits from Corrosion Pits” at the NACE International, Northern Area Western Conference on Wednesday, February 25th at 9:15AM in Calgary, Alberta.  Please visit the Presentations & Publications (make this a link) section to view the presentation when made available. 

February 10, 2014 - PICoM Presenting in Technology Exchange Group 092X: Underdeposit Corrosion at NACE International Corrosion Conference 2014

TEG 092X provides a forum for scientists, service providers and integrity managers to share information and experiences regarding underdeposit corrosion (UDC) in oil and gas production, and pipeline environments.  TEG 092X has been meeting since 2002. Harry Tsaprailis will be presenting on the afternoon of March 11, 2014 at the NACE International regarding recent research efforts related to UDC in oil pipelines. Click here for more informaiton about TEG 092X. 

February 3, 2014 - Pigging Joint Industry Project Update and PICoM Update Meeting at AITF's Calgary Facility  There will be an update meeting for current pigging JIP members in the morning of February 12, 2014 at AITF's Calgary facility. In the afternoon, there will be a PICoM update meeting at the same location. Lunch will be provided for the afternoon PICoM update meeting. Companies interested in attending either update meetings or require more information please contact Michael Mosher at  Michael.Mosher[@]albertainnovates.ca

January 22, 2014 – PICoM Presenting at NACE Northern Area  Western Conference and NACE International Corrosion Conference 2014

GE will be presenting on “Methodology for Accelerated Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion in Under Deposits from Crude Oil Transmission Pipelines” and AITF on “Properties of Dilbit and Conventional Heavy Crudes” at NACE Northern Area Western Conference 2014  (January 28-30, 2014) in Edmonton, Alberta.

AITF will again present “Methodology for Accelerated Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion in Under Deposits from Crude Oil Transmission Pipelines” at NACE International Corrosion Conference 2014 (March 9-13, 2014) in San Antonio, Texas.